Brawl Stars Mod with NANI and new skins

Brawl Stars Mod with NANI and new skins

• replaced all new skins
• Unlocked Nani

⚠ Nani cannot be knocked out, it can only be played in the training cave !!!

❔How to download:

Follow the link to download the mod, delete the original apk, download a new one (the account must be connected to SuperCell ID)

Rarity: Epic
Type: Warrior
Description: Nani loves her friends and always takes care of them. She shoots in several directions at once and controls her own robot Pip with the help of Super!

First level

Health: 2400
Movement Speed: Normal
Attack: Trigometric – Nani shoots three light spheres, the trajectories of which gradually converge.
Damage: 3 × 700
Range: Large
Reload Speed: Low
Super: Manual control – Nani takes control of Pip to send him to the target and explode in a collision!
Damage: 2000
Range: Small

Also on this mod, you can try any new skin. To do this, simply select a fighter and the skin will already be open on it.

What is on Brawl Stars 27.266 MOD with NANI:

Skins Unlocked:
Summer pam
Merchant Gail
Builder jackie
Defender rico
Evil genie
Insidious Mortis
Unlocked a new fighter: NANI

Skins mod!

• New skins
• New Brawler – Nani, which can be tested

Download Mod with Nani

Download Mod with Nani

Download Mod with Gail

Download Null’s Brawl 27.269 with GALE + Nani

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