Brawl Stars Private Server with Gale!

Brawl Stars Private Server with Gale!

updated 05/16/2020

Private server Nulls Brawl is a hacked original Brawl Stars in which you are waiting for unlimited boxes and boxes with the ability to play online. Here you can not only quickly open all the braver with all the skins, but also play these characters with your friends online.

Gale Brawl Stars Quick Facts & Wiki

Gale is a Grumpy Old Cranked Guy & He is somewhat of Janitor in Mr P’s Hotel.
He is Chromatic Brawler, New kind of Rarity in Brawl Stars.
He is overworked, Throughout his life carrying heavy luggage more than his own age. Let’s salute for his hard work.
Mr P should have replaced him by a robot-like Barley or Rico, Still no worries.
He has HP of 4760, Not weak nor beefier brawler, It’s somewhere between, More health than Leon.
His Main Attack is throwing Fives Five Snowballs, In which he throws Five Snowballs in a parallel direction and hit the target.
His Super Ice Wave, Makes the blower create an Ice Wave, Which pushes all the enemies back in the direction of the wind.
For the first season he would be in Legendary Drop rate, Second Season Mythic Drop rate and third season Epic drop rate and then no longer drop.

Gale Attack: Fives Five Snowballs

Gale has a blower machine in the hand, Through which he shoots five snowballs in parallel to each other.
Width of the projectile is very wide, Its tough for any of the enemy brawlers in the range to escape from him.
He has a decent shooting range.
Damage per projectile is 420 and he can hit multiple enemies at once, standing side by side to each other. Total damage of 2100 per ammo.
However, The Projectiles cannot pierce enemy brawlers or obstacles.
His reload speed is expected to be around 1.91 seconds.
His attack range is almost 8 tiles, Which is almost of Taras, Max, Carl attack.

The Article will be updated soon

Very soon there will be a new version of the Brawl Stars Private Server with Gale, which can be downloaded from our website.

Download Null’s Brawl 27.269 with GALE + Nani

Download Null’s Brawl 27.269 with GALE + Nani

Download Null’s Brawl from filesharing

Download Null’s Brawl 27.269

Download Null’s Brawl from mediafire

Download Null’s Brawl 27.269 from mediafire

Download Null’s Brawl from google disk

Download Null’s Brawl 27.269 from google disk

Download Brawl Stars mod with Gale

Download Mod with Nani

Download Mod with Nani

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