Download Brawl Stars 25.119 NULLS BRAWL with Mr. P

Download Brawl Stars 25.119 NULLS BRAWL with Mr. P

UPDATED May 2, 2020


New Star Power

Mr. P has a new Star Power! It’s available once you reach power level 9.

Tin Can

Mr. P’s Second Star Power is “Tin Can” which gives the robo-porters’ home base +3,000 health!

This is not just another mod, but Null’s Brawl with a real fighter Mr. P. / PI/MrP, who will please you with his abilities and unusual skills. Without the mod, it will be quite difficult to knock it out of the boxes, and in the store it costs as much as 350 crystals. If you own so many games, then buy without hesitation. After all, this character is very ” IMB “in the new event “Hot zone”.

Download NULLS BRAWL 25.119


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