New Brawl Talk on the air, surprising everyone, due to the short interval since the previous update! And this time we have the revelation of a new ice brawler, a season based on the theme “Christmas Escape” , a series of new skins and more!


New Brawler LOU

LOU is the name of the newest brawler of chromatic rarity. And as expected, he will complete the trio with Mister P and Gale. It is based on an ice cream machine robot that … attacks ice cream cones!

Attack: When a brawler is hit by his attack, he is frozen (we don’t know how much) and has an icon next to the nick, indicating a temporary freeze.

Super: With his super he throws a layer of ice on the ground and in that area, brawlers cannot move without moving very well.

The LOU will reach the game via the Brawl Pass, reaching level 30.

Change in the way of winning chromatic Brawlers …
And speaking of the new brawler, the way players can unlock chromatic brawlers will change:

You will only be able to find Lou (or the active pass brawler) after level 30. And if you find the brawler, the odds change like any other brawler.

And it was also warned that if you have not yet collected the rewards from Season 1 of the Brawl Pass, they will be collected automatically. And it is expected to happen that way from now on, the rewards only accumulate for a few seasons.

New Skins

The Brawl Pass will bring Mike Carrier’s Skins, leaving Dynamike dressed appropriately to assist Mister P at his hotel. And New brawler Lou will have her secondary skin too, from King Lou.

And the partnership between Brawl Stars and LINE Friends is back with new skins, this time we will have Nani Sally, Piper Choco and Max Cony.

With the next update the Gold and Silver skins will have an effect to make them more attractive with a shine.

What’s new for the Map Maker

The Map Maker was one of the novelties that the previous update brought to the game and despite being a beta feature yet, it encouraged a lot of players to use the feature to create content, have fun with friends and organize mini-games.

And we can see a great effort by the community to make the map maker even bigger, bringing in this November update several new features.

It will be possible to use a “Submit” button on the created map, so that all players in the world can play. Then after the map is ‘approved’ by your friends, it will enter a ‘public collection’ where everyone can play. That way, players can vote on the map, either positive or negative.

The best map of the day will be available to all players for a period of 24 hours.

And with the arrival of these new features, we will also have two new spaces, in which one will be for you to experience maps of other players from around the world and the second will be chosen by the Brawl team among the most voted on the day, where it will be possible to play to win trophies .

New features in the map builder

The Brawl team is proving to be very active when listening to community feedback, bringing the possibility to create maps for starfighter and theft mode and new map items such as teleporters and jumping platform.


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