What’s new in Brawl Stars 33.151?

Server testing on version 33.151 with Colonel Ruffs (test server).

This is a test server and will be installed in parallel to our official Null’s Brawl server. Our server logic is implemented on the test server, so there will be bugs and non-working gadgets and other functions.

2 new brawlers – One free


Byron Mythical character (will be available the next day after the update

This new brawler, Byron is of mythical rarity and is part of the trio with Piper and Barley. He is a ‘sinister’ salesperson who sells items that can help you or hinder opponents.

His mechanics are a little different from the other support brawlers… and that’s what many have asked Supercell to bring to the game a long time ago!

Edgar – Epic Brawler (Free)

And to everyone’s surprise, this update will bring two new brawlers … the one we are talking about now the second one, and it can be redeemed for free for a limited time!

His name is Edgar, he is of Epic rarity . According to what was presented at Brawl Talk, he works together with Colette, at the Starr Park store and is a rebellious teenager who tries to be mysterious and different … but he can’t !

New Christmas Skins 2020

And as we are in the Christmas season, of course we will have skins with the theme!

The Snow Tick Skins, Frank Festivo and the look that was made by a community player through Supercell Make, the Gale Nutcracker, will arrive in the game . Values ​​and dates have not yet been revealed, but soon we will have a post on the subject.

Download alpha version of Nulls Brawl 33.151 with RUFFS

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    Mənə nulls brawl Edgar və byron verin onu istəyirəm

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    Edgar Bacon

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    Nulls brawl 32.152 sürümünü indir
    Jsjsjsiswhrieiwgiwgeru ejehehuegeiegejeheisheekje

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