Mod with Gail and new skins

Mod with Gail and new skins

Download Null’s Brawl 27.269 with GALE + Nani here

Mods Gang managed to create a mod with Gail and new skins.

I’ll clarify in advance that this mod is based on the old version of Brawl Stars. In the game, the standard looks of the fighters are replaced by modified ones. That is, the appearance of Nita is replaced by Gail with the most similar skin. Also with other fighters who received the skin, a new look was set for them as standard.

Brawl Stars Mod with Gail

A file replacement combination for Gale, an incredibly combined one. To get a new fighter, you had to replace Nita’s files with sandy’s with Gale’s skin. This is done for obvious reasons, because you need to make the new Bravlin available initially. The guys even managed to recreate the attack in the form of a snowball, which is very cool for mod.

The guys managed to recreate the skins that the developers presented in Brawl Talk as closely as possible. I told about each of them separately and even showed animation. Unfortunately, only external indicators are implemented in the mod. Also, if you use this fighter with a certain skin in battle, only you will see them.

Advantages of Mods Gang:

  • Added an approximate view of Gale instead of Nita
  • Added 7 new skins
  • Changed the background in the main menu


  • new brawler
  • new skins
  • new environment
  • and other

⚠New character can not play a normal battle, it only works in training !!!

Download Mod with Gail and new skins

Download Mod with Gail

Download Mod with Nani

Download Mod with Nani

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    Download Brawl Stars Mod with Gail ABD new

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