Nulls APK Rush Wars

Nulls APK Rush Wars

We made a modified APK of Rush Wars! With it, you can enter the game from android 4.4+ devices and without VPN.


  1. Supercell can fix this bypass method at any time.
  2. The file is signed by our signature and is not compatible with the official version of the game. The Google Play login on it does not work and it is impossible to bind an account without a root.

In any case, if you are the owner of not the newest device or do not want to mess with VPN, this is a great chance to watch the game! If you have an error with the text in Chinese when you log in, just click “OK” and the game should load.

Nulls APK Rush Wars

Download Nulls Rush

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20 Responses

  1. Jenuszek says:

    Jest bardzo fajny nulla byron

  2. FARELL says:

    Bardzo fajne

  3. John says:

    I need this apk

  4. Stary chuj Xddd says:

    Gowno nie chce się pobrać 👹

  5. Stary chuj says:

    Halo… wtf

  6. Stary chuj says:

    Halo… wtf

  7. gigi says:

    It is very cool game

  8. Filip says:

    Loki foki

  9. Jan says:


  10. Ali says:

    Can I buy this server?

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