Private server with new brawler Colette

Today a new Brawl Talk was released by Supercell, giving details of the next Brawl Stars update! Here is everything you need to know!


Collete is a new Chromatic Brawler that will be available on the next Brawl Pass.

She is a cashier on Gift Shop, a job she loves because she can collect items from other Brawlers. She is the biggest fan of Piper and Spike.

Her main is unique in the game: the damage she deals is based on the current health of her target. So if she attacks someone like Frank or El Primo, she will do a lot of damage, but if she attacks someone with low health, she will do little damage.

The damage percentage was not revealed yet, but calculated by the promo video, she deals around 35% of damage.

The “problem” of this attack, as it was shown on the Brawl Talk, is that if she deals damage based on the target’s current health, she will never be able to kill any Brawler. If the enemy has only 100 HP left, she will make only 35 HP of damage.

On Boxes, she makes a “flat rate” damage, always dealing a fixed amount of damage.

Her Super is a bit similar to Bull’s Super: she will dash forward around eight tiles, hitting all enemies on the way. The difference is that not only she dashes forward, she will also come back to her original spot, hitting all enemies again. This is somehow similar to Carl’s axw.

Null’s Brawl updated to version with new fighter Colette. When?

Nuls Brawl developers answer

At the moment, we managed to get all the initial data of the new fighter Collet (the name may change). We can also add new skins. But there are some nuances that we need to initially decide in order to add a new fighter and skins.

At the moment, we have been working on other innovations, for example, the full implementation of the Brawl Pass and additional commands.

We will try to release the Null’s Brawl update before the official release. Therefore, we ask you not to spam messages about the new version.

Private server with new brawler Colette – Coming soon

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