Updated Brawl Stars Rebrawl MODS/Сlassic/LEGACY server

UPDATED February 12, 2021

Updated Brawl Stars Rebrawl MODS/Сlassic/LEGACY server 26.170 #64

reBrawl Classic and reBrawl Mods APK size reduction

We optimized the way we added custom content to reBrawl. Therefore, reBrawl Classic and reBrawl Mods apps file size will be reduced.

This will allow people to download the weekly updates faster.

Here is a short description

Name: P.E.K.K.A
Model: custom model
Description: P.E.K.K.A is a heavily armored, slow melee fighter. Swings from the hip, but packs a huge punch. Is it a knight? A samurai? A robot? All of it? No one knows.

Hidden community maps
Two new custom community maps are now available on reBrawl. reBrawl community maps are exclusive, you won’t find them on the regular Brawl Stars game.

Download Brawl Stars Rebrawl MODS/Сlassic/LEGACY

Download alpha version of Nulls Brawl 33.118 with RUFFS

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